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Digital Prepress Checklist

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To help guide you in the design process and to ensure that your files are output correctly, we have developed the following “checklist” of specifications. The checklist is designed to help speed up the reproduction process and avoid unnecessary charges.

Medium for file transfer:

  • CD or DVD
  • SD
  • USB Drive
  • Send A File (Electronic Transfer)

Transfer Method:

  • Email (up to 5 MB): Send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Send A File webpage

Programs we support (Mac or PC):
*Please call about support for software not listed here.

  • QuarkXpress®
  • Illustrator®
  • Freehand®
  • Publisher®
  • Acrobat®
  • InDesign®
  • Photoshop®
  • Word®
  • PageMaker®
  • CorelDraw®
  • Powerpoint®
  • Pages®
  • Excel®
  • Open Office®
  • Libre Office®

File Organization:

  • Document (only documents applicable to the job)
  • Fonts (all fonts used in document and images)
  • Images (all linked images)


  • Documents set up in single page
  • All bleeds are 1/8” minimum
  • Keep copy at least 1/8” away from final trim


  • The fonts used in the document are the same as those used in the proof
  • Both the printer and screen fonts are supplied


  • All images are CMYK - Do not use RBG
  • All images are: Tiff EPS Jpeg (High Resolution)
  • Images should be sized, cropped and rotated in the application program
  • Resolution for color images must be between 266 and 300 dpi
  • Delete unused colors
  • Do not use “hairline” rules. Use specific width such as 0.35 points

Customer Provided Proofs

  • PDF
  • Hardcopy