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We’ve put together a library of information to help answer your questions.

Printing Help

Of course, please feel free to call us at 216.861.3377 and we can help you over the phone or face-to-face.

Preparing a QuoteDownload PDF
Not sure what information you need to provide a printer for a quote? Click and you will find what you need to know.

Preparing a File to PrintDownload PDF
Preparing a file to print is a time consuming process. Click for details on how to make it easier.

Prepress ChecklistDownload PDF
Review the prepress checklist to avoid potential problems that cause delays or may cost additional dollars.

Binding SamplesDownload PDF
Not sure how you would like your document bound? Click and see the choices we have to offer.

Folding SamplesDownload PDF
Click to view our folding options and the correct name for each.

Setting Up Variable DataDownload PDFDownload an Excel Template
Need help organizing your data for Variable Printing? Click here to see how to do it.

Envelope Size ChartsDownload Regular Envelope PDFDownload Commercial Envelope PDF
Click to view available envelope sizes and guide to standard enclosure dimensions.

Paper Weight ChartDownload PDF
Click to view a chart detailing paper weight from lightest to heaviest.

Postcard Postal GuidelinesDownload PDF
The U.S. Post Office has guidelines for postcards and how they are designed to accommodate their automation process.
This guide will help you design according to their standards.

Copyright GuidelinesDownload PDF
Copyright laws apply to more than what you may think. Click to find out what is legal and what is not.

Decimal Equivalents of Parts of an InchDownload PDF
A helpful tool for digital print and design setup.

Digital Printing vs. Commercial Offset PrintingDownload PDF
Advantage and disadvantages of each and how to decide which is right for your project.

Proofing: What is it?Download PDF
Details of the proofing process, why you want one and types of proofs are detailed here.

Choosing the Right ApplicationDownload PDF
A guide to choosing the right application to create your print document.

The building blocks for your next design.