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The latest versions of Windows and Apple platforms are supported along with these applications:
Word Publisher Illustrator Word Perfect Google Drive Suite Excel InDesign Pages Open Office Powerpoint Photoshop Libre Office
*Please call about support for software not listed here.
We prefer customers to send print-ready files as PDFs. Occasionally, we’ll need your original working documents. For instructions on preparing these documents please see Preparing a File to Print.
Sending your files to Copy King is simple and easy and can be done in multiple ways to suit your needs. Email - If your file size is less that 5mb you may email directly to sales@copy-king.com or to your sales representative. Website Upload - If your file size is greater than 5mb, or you have multiple files to send, you may upload them through our FTP website. This secured website allows you to upload multiple files and also provide us with details about your order. Files sent through the FTP site will be automatically encrypted at rest upon upload. Files are password protected and handled in an encrypted format throughout the printing process. Your submission is automatically date and time stamped and Copy King is notified immediately when files are uploaded. An email confirmation is sent in return when the upload is complete. Please call us for instructions on how to access our site. Direct Transfer - Sometimes it is easier just to bring your files directly to us. We can transfer files directly from your SD card, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. To transfer files from your mobile device you may find the instructions on the following page helpful. For other media please call first. Cloud - Though the above methods are preferred we do accept files that are sent via your cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, We Transfer, etc.) As a customer this is something that you would have the responsibility for.
If you’d like any/all of your image(s) to run completely to the edges of your final printed piece, you’ll have to include what’s referred to as bleed on all edges of your documents. The bleed area is simply excess image that won’t end up in your final piece, but will run on press and will later be trimmed off. Because paper is likely to shift slightly while running through the press, leaving excess image area is crucial. To avoid this problem, we ask that a 1/8” bleed be included. Make sure to design your documents to spec from onset, knowing the excess portion of your piece will eventually be cut off. Failing to add bleed to your file when it is requested will require us to manipulate your file and adjust the layout accordingly before we are able to print.
Any images pulled from the internet are typically 72 ppi (pixel per inch) while ideal print resolution is 300 ppi. Images at this lower resolution will not likely print clearly. In addition, reuse, in anyway, of anything on the Internet, graphics and text, without permission, for non-”fair use” purposes is illegal. For further guidance on “fair use” please see Copyright Guidelines.
Yes, abolutely! Just let us know when you place your order that you’d like to see a PDF or hard-copy proof.
Yes - please see review our Copyright Guidelines.
Many stock houses exist but we recommend istockphoto.com, shutterstock.com, and dreamstime.com. Our in-house graphic designer can assist with as well.
Yes - When placing your order please let us know that it is an exact reprint (meaning nothing has changed since the last time we printed) and as many details about the last order as you can including: customer name, job order number (if you know it), when it was last printed, and what type of product it is ( e.g. business cards, flyers, booklet, etc.)
Turn around time can vary greatly depending on your type of order. It is best to call 216-861-3377 or email sales@copy-king.com to find out when you’re preparing your order and particularly if your project has a firm due date. Please know we will make it a top priority to meet your deadline.
Email your sales rep or sales@copy-king.com or call 216-861-3377 and we’ll be able to give you a quick answer.